Academy Gardens

Academy Gardens PA is a community in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Located on the eastern side, it is located close to Grant Avenue and the John F. Byrne golf Course, and adjacent to Holme Avenue. Thomas Holme, famous for developing many of the modern communities of the Philadelphia area, originally founded the area. It was once a farming community and is now home to thousands of residents who enjoy culture and activity outside of the confines of the city.


The community of Academy Gardens was settled by veterans of WWII, during the expansion of the Northeast. The community now boasts several high-quality homes and residents enjoy many activities, such as parks and recreation, dining, and access to retail stores.


The many specialty shops and stores which line the Academy Gardens area allow for ample employment opportunities in the Academy Gardens PA community, as well as the other communities in close proximity to Philadelphia.


Education is available for children within easy driving distance and the area is a part of the Penn-Delco School District. It is just a short distance from the community.


There are many different shopping opportunities in the Academy Gardens area, including many independent small shops, high-level retail chains, and specialty stores within a short driving distance from the community, which makes it highly convenient for shopping after work or to avoid having to drive into Philadelphia.


Academy Gardens PA started as a number of inexpensive "starter homes" which were unfinished due to cost. These homes have since been finished and remodeled and there is now a wide variety of real estate options for anyone wanting a nice community to live in which is located in close proximity to a major city.


Academy Gardens PA is a short drive from the city of Philadelphia, "city of Brotherly Love," and also offers its own amenities and opportunities outside of the hustle and bustle of city life. It is truly a great place to call home.