Chalfont Subdivision in Philadelphia, PA

Chalfont Subdivision in Philadelphia PA

Chalfont is part of Millbrook, which is a neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia. It is a peaceful place perfect for middle-class families seeking to raise their children in the heart of one of the United States' populous cities. One where Charles Rueter Real Estate can help would-be home buyers find homes with excellent access to businesses, schools, entertainment, and other points of interest.


Despite being nestled in Northeast Philadelphia, Chalfont has a suburban sort of appeal. It is both clean and well-maintained, but not overcrowded because of its secluded nature. Better still, since Chalfont has low incidences of crime, its residents tend to be both more open and more welcoming than most of their counterparts in the rest of Philadelphia.

Business and Employment

Situated in the economic heart of Pennsylvannia, the Chalfont subdivision in Philadelphia PA has better economic prospects than most of its counterparts in either the United States or the rest of the world. Sectors based in Philadelphia range from IT and bio-tech to tourism, health care, and financial activities, meaning that Chalfont residents should have fewer problems finding positions suited to their capabilities.


Residents of the Chalfont subdivision in Philadelphia PA attend schools run by the School District of Philadelphia. For those who prefer more rigorous curricula, the Catholic schools in the region possess an excellent reputation, though other private options are also available. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Philadelphia is one of the most popular choices for post-secondary education, boasting more than 80 colleges, universities, trade schools, and similar institutions in total.

Shopping and Recreation

Since Chalfont is part of Philadelphia, it should come as no surprise to learn that its residents have plentiful opportunities for both shopping and recreation. In fact, it is home to more than 200 shops and restaurants catering to tourists, not to mention being situated close to the Philadelphia Mills mall. Likewise, Chalfont residents have access to all of the entertainments to be found in Philadelphia, ranging from arts and culture to professional teams for each of the four major sports.

Real Estate

Built between 1956 and 1962, the real estate found in Chalfont and the rest of Millbrook is neither too classical nor too modern, striking a fine balance between two extremes. In main, Chalfont homes consist of row houses, rancher houses, and twin houses, coming in a range of options so as to meet a range of housing needs. Said real estate can be purchased at reasonable prices relative to the rest of the real estate market in Philadelphia.

Finding the Right Home

To learn more about the Chalfont subdivision in Philadelphia PA, please do not hesitate to contact Charles Rueter Real Estate. In this as in other matters, a combination of skill and experience can make for a world of difference when it comes to results.